What is your complaint?

Are you suffering from physical or mental health issues ? Do you have back pain or trapped nerves? are you suffering with stress and anxiety?

Or are you sitting at a computer all day that is causing stress on your back and shoulders? You could have a trapped sciatic nerve or other nerves? maybe its shoulder pain or chronic headaches! Whatever the issue there is normally a solution. Trying Bowen could be the answer!

How does Bowen therapy work?

Bowen has a re-balancing effect on the muscular skeletal systems whilst also taking the body out of the fight or flight stress mode and into relaxation. Thus reducing anxiety and promoting peace and calm. Inflammation that occurs within the gut can affect the pelvic gate. As the pelvic gate becomes tilted or rotated it pulls on the back muscles. However if this pivotal joint is out of balance it can also affect the knees, shoulders and ankles. This is called referred pain as the body is compensation elsewhere for this imbalance. 

Bowen therapy influences the fascia which is the connective tissue between the skin and muscle. The fascia is where nervous system impulses travel giving instructions to the rest of the tissues/organs. The movements and procedures carried out during Bowen stimulates this nervous system response which in turn triggers the bodies own healing mechanisms. As tendons, ligaments and muscles are manipulated trapped nerves and muscles are released which allows the body to restore balance.

If you would like to find out more please feel free to call for a chat and ascertain if Bowen can offer any benefits for you. Remember even if you are just stressed Bowen can help. Everyone is better with Bowen!


Please call 07581146870 for queries or appointments.

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