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There are dermalogica skin treatments to fit and suit all skin types and individuals. You may be looking to treat a skin condition such as acne or dehydration, fine lines through ageing. Or you may be just be feeling the need to be pampered and take time out to relax, or even both. Whatever your aims and desires there will be a skin treatment made for you.

Dermalogica Pro power skin Peels.

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The dermalogica pro power peel collection offers a unique system of three different acids so as a result deep exfoliation of the skin occurs leaving it feeling luminous, fresh and brand new. Removing this dead layer instantly rejuvenates the skin and boosts it to give it a more youthful appearance. A buildup of day today products including makeup and fake tans adds to the skin’s surface congestion then coupled with dead skin cells results in more fine lines and duller skin.

A skin peel treatment has immediate results with no down time so no scabbing or hiding away at home waiting to heal. Most importantly there is a peel for all skin types ranging from either sensitive, to ageing and problematic. Subsequently it targets the following:

Before and after
  • fine lines
  • dehydration
  • hyperpigmentation
  • uneven skin tone
  • inflammation
  • breakouts
  • oily and congested
  • acne

Pro power peel treatments

60 minutes treatment-  A very relaxing treatment thats customised to suit your skin type and includes touch therapy massage of the neck/shoulders and scalp with hot towels, plus great results.                                   £90.00 

We recommended a course of 5  treatments £425               

30 minutes treatment £60

A course of 5 treatments is recommended) £240

luxury dermalogica skin treatment – This includes a scalp, neck, shoulder, hand and foot massage        75 Minutes   £65.00

* Regular Dermalogica skin treatment- A wonderful treatment including a head, neck and shoulder massage                           45 Minutes   £50.00

*Micro-zone Treatment 20 Minutes £35.00                                 

Dermalogica products are available to order. If 3 or more products are purchased a 15% discount will be applied

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